The Leader in Crime Prevention Systems

Captis Intelligence specializes in developing highly sophisticated means of suspect identification.

Redefining security

Today’s criminal ecosystem continues to evolve and progress to a level that imposes far more complex demands on security professionals. The Captis i4 system not only answers these demands, it creates the ability to operate on the offensive while implementing a powerful deterrent that has reduced incident rates with each and every Captis customer.

The I-4 is built on an advanced cloud platform of technology, tools, and functionality that provides more than just security by creating ways to optimize asset protection processes, significantly reduce costs, and proactively manage risk for clients and local communities.

Endorsed by Law Enforcement Experts

"Suspect identification issues are relevant in all facets of crime, safety, and security. Current technology offers a variety of reactive solutions that do not address the needs of the law enforcement and asset protection community. Now, like never before, we can identify, locate, investigate, and apprehend suspects with Captis Intelligence game-changing I4 system."

Charles Archer - Former Assistant FBI Director
Chairman of Law Enforcement Council for Captis Intelligence

Endorsed by Retail Crime Prevention

"We’re now closing over 50 percent of our violent crimes within a week. Law enforcement has been astonished at some of our results. Many cases are solved in a couple of days. In one case, we went from posting a crime to getting a tip, to apprehension by law enforcement in just three hours. "

Robert G. Oberosler
Group Vice President of Loss Prevention Rite Aid Corporation

The new face of crime solving

The recording of crimes has never been easier with millions of surveillance cameras in operation around the world. But identifying suspects and their whereabouts remains a constant challenge.