The Leader in Crime Prevention Systems

Captis Intelligence specializes in developing highly sophisticated means of suspect identification.

Redefining security

Captis Intelligence delivers a unique solution harnessing the power of social media. Our proprietary system identifies criminals and alerts law enforcement along with neighboring businesses through daily crime mapping and secured information exchange portals.

Captis Intelligence takes crime fighting and security to an unprecedented level with an advanced facial recognition system capable of alerting businesses of potential criminal behavior before it occur.

Captis Intelligence's is used by dozens of industries including law enforcement, retail stores, campuses, homeowners, city surveillance, theme parks, hotels, banks, malls, liquor stores, and more.

The missing link

Our proprietary systems work as a conduit between law enforcement, businesses and individuals.

Social media has become the leading source for viewers of video, pictures and public information sharing.

Captis Intelligence combines surveillance video and social media to take identification solutions and systems to the next level.

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Charles Archer

Endorsed by Law Enforcement Experts

Appointed by the US Attorney General to SES-6, the highest civil service rank in the US Government, Chuck has testified frequently before Senate and Congress on technical issues related to advancing technology for Criminal Justice, and has spoken at international forums including the United Nations in Vienna, Interpol in Lyon, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police in New Delhi and Canberra.
"Suspect identification issues are relevant in all facets of crime, safety, and security. Advancing security technology has offered a variety of "post-crime" solutions that do not address the needs of the advancing law enforcement and asset protection community. Captis Intelligence has redefined the process and developed a unique system information conduit to identify, locate, investigate, and apprehend suspects."

Charles Archer - Former Assistant FBI Director
Chairman of Law Enforcement Council for Captis Intelligence

The new face of crime solving

The recording of crimes has never been easier with millions of surveillance cameras in operation around the world. But identifying suspects and their whereabouts remains a constant challenge.