Who we are

We are Captis Intelligence

A leader in Crime Prevention Systems and Solutions

In the summer of 2014, six people, a Former Assistant Director of the FBI, a Former Police Captain, a Enterprise Application Software expert, a Enterprise security/surveillance expert, an Advanced Software Developer and a Marketing/Media expert all met for a lunch. Less then a year later Captis Intelligence was born.

With a dedicated pursuit in developing cutting-edge technology, Captis Intelligence has delivered a complete solution that addresses today’s needs of Law Enforcement, Asset Protection, Business Security, Campus Security, Hotel Security, Private residents, and many more.

Captis Intelligence delivers a unique solution harnessing the power of social media. Our proprietary system identifies criminals and alerts law enforcement along with neighboring businesses through daily crime mapping and secured information exchange portals. Captis Intelligence takes crime fighting and security to an unprecedented level with an advanced facial recognition system capable of alerting businesses of potential criminal behavior before it occur.

Captis Intelligence are currently operational in city and state police departments, federal organizations, state agencies, large retailers, campuses and hotels.

Captis Intelligence is an industry leading provider of suspect identification systems and preventative asset protection services.