I-4 Platform


  • Situational Awareness
  • Crime Mapping
  • ACT Alerts
  • Location-Based Crime Feed

Mapping: provides access to interactive crime maps, detailing crimes surrounding a specific location.

Tracking Alerts: customizable by sector, type of crime and exact location (Actionable Crime Tracking).

Crime Notification: providing images and videos after an incident within a geolocation of interest as a forewarning of potential crime.


  • InfoXchange
  • Law Enforcement Alerts
  • Anonymous Communications
  • Internal Communications

Exchange: a platform for anonymously shared crime information between businesses and law enforcement agencies – an unending source of centralized data.

Instant Messaging: clients can share information and communicate anonymously with other subscribed users around any of their registered locations.

Centralizes: previously unshared ‘banned books’ giving insider knowledge about suspects and repeat offenders.


  • Solveacrime.com
  • Chatter Log
  • Background Check
  • Analytics & Chatter Log

Solveacrime.com: clients upload crime incident details and/or video footage to an online public facing database. The crime is released to the vast Captis network conduit including social media and other online channels. Anonymous tips are then acquired and passed on to law enforcement agencies.

PRISM: investigate a subject’s network of associates, communications, phrases or keywords on the open and deep web. Custom queries run 24/7 providing real-time intelligence (Protective Research & Investigation in Social Media).

Online Chatter: monitor chatter and analytics on incident views, location/age/gender of viewers and their comments/shares on social media.


  • Subject Identification
  • SolveaCrime.com
  • Database Search

Suspect Identification Upload: upload a subject’s image and receive immediate identity results from the world’s largest private Subject Identification database of criminals (On-Demand Subject Identification).

Non-stop Monitoring: the system scans every person entering into a client establishment and provides alerts on any Person of Interest matches against the Captis Intelligence database, on shared ‘banned books’, on solveacrime.com and local law enforcement intelligence (Automatic Subject Identification).

Subject Search: input subject information and receive matches based on entered data.